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    10 Reasons to Shop Local
    October 14, 2016 Discover Ladner

    Top Ten Reasons to Shop Local in Ladner 

    South Delta is currently facing one of the largest-scale changes in recent decades with the opening of the Tsawwassen Mills Mall.  Despite these changes and the adversity that small businesses are confronting because of this, a shift toward shopping local is beginning to gain momentum.  It is movement in consumerism that has people recognizing the impersonal and generic quality of big box national retailers and opting for the unique and customer-driven experiences that can be had when you step inside of one of Ladner’s many terrific local businesses.

    In Ladner, we are so fortunate to have such a rich landscape of diverse and unique small businesses to fit each consumers needs.  Supporting local has a mutually beneficial effect that helps not only the businesses, but also you as a consumer and the community overall – an experience that could never be matched by shopping at a large corporate retailer.  From improving the environment and local economy to creating jobs and building community, Discover Ladner has compiled our top ten reasons why you will want to make the switch to shopping local today. 



    shop local ladner community economy

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    According to BC Buy Local, when you spend $100 at a local retailer $46 finds its way back into the BC economy compared to only $18 when that money is spent at a multi-national chain.  Money that stays in Delta goes to support the schools our children attend, the maintenance of roads and infrastructure, the police fire departments which keep us safe, and our beloved Delta Hospital. 



    shop local ladner community growth

    Original photo: @paperbluejay

    Local businesses are far more likely to buy local services and stock local products than national retailers are. Spending with a local business has a ripple effect that contributes to the growth and health of Ladner and creates more jobs and opportunities. From the local potatoes at Sharkey's to the Ladner made jewelry at Muddy River Landing, and everything else in between, local businesses are the customers of local printers, accountants, wholesalers, farms, attorneys ect. Shop local and watch our community thrive.



    The quaint and charming qaulity that makes Ladner such a special community is in part, due to local businesses.  While many communities across Canada have similar chain restaurants and retailers, only Ladner has those unqiue and one-of-a-kind independant businesses that comprise the heart of Ladner's Historic Village - they help set our town apart. You may recognize that sinking feeling when you learn that one of your favourite local businesses is shutting its doors for good.  It seems like more of a blow than if it were just another branch of a chain store closing because these businesses are so intamately tied to the community. Without our local retailers and restaurants, Ladner would be a very different place and would lose a significant amount of the town's character. Showing your support for local businesses helps keep that small town magic alive. 



    shop local ladner village donations give back

    Original photo: @hudsonny

    Local business leaders in Ladner have big hearts.  They are constantly giving back to the community.  Because these business owners are so invested in the town and its people, they recognize where help is needed most. Shop local and do your part to ensure that local kids receive the support they need, that our veterans are taken care of and shown the respect they deserve, and that our Delta Hospital is able to properly treat the members of our community – a few of the many worthy causes that LBA members donate to.



    shop local ladner village lower taxes

    In Ladner, more efficient land use and more central locations mean that local businesses put less demand on our roads, sewers, safety services and general infastructure.  They also generate more tax revenue per sales dollar. The bottom line: a greater percentage of local independent businesses keep your taxes lower.



    shop local ladner village try

    Original photo: @jordanne_marina

    Shopping at local stores enable you to try on and try out items before you buy.  Because so many businesses in Ladner carry products that are produced locally, business owners and employees are able to provide you with first-hand information regarding the items or knowledge on how it was created or grown.  Having this level of expertise and personalized service not only saves you time but also money.  In comparison, when you have a question or concern with a product at a chain store, the customer service agent is quite often far removed from or unfamiliar with the decision making and creative processes.  



    shop local ladner village environment

    Ladner's independant businesses are typically people-sized. They consume less land, carry more locally-made products, are located in close proximity to one another, and create less traffic and air pollution.  When you take a stroll through Ladner Village and visit a variety of shops to complete your entire shopping list, you are effectively reducing your own carbon footprint and contributing to a healther environment.  But shopping local is not only healthy for the environment - there are health benifits for you and your family as well.  When you buy produce and meats from local farmers, you know exactly how your food is cutlivated and if your frutis and vegetables are chemical free and whether your meat has been grass-fed.  Consider the well-being of your community and family by shopping local. 



    shop local ladner village customer satisfaction choice

    Original Photo: @shelbyrosephotography

    Having a wide variety of independent businesses, each serving different tastes and interests, creates greater choice for us all. It also means business owners are able to offer more personalized service and cater to the needs and wants of their customers - they are not limited to corporate standards and policies that many big box retailers confined to. Individuals that shop local often establish a relationship with business owners and employees.  They learn what kind of products you buy and items you love you and are often willing to tailor their service to fit your specific needs.  For example, Sarah's Ice Cream recently introduced a dairy free option upon recognizing a demand for it within the community. These personalized customer-first experiences also lead to greater customer satisfaction. Shop local and you will recognize what it feels like to be a valued customer.



    shop local ladner village help local families

    Small business owners typically begin their endeavours with a goal to create something that they are proud of and that people will revel in. It is about finding their passion and persuing it.  By shopping local you not only support the members of your community realize their dreams, but also support their families.  When you shop at a national chain store, your money is not going where it is needed.  It is contributing to an overpaid CEO's next paycheck.  Shop local and have your money and help a child sign up for that dance class are be able to get a new pair of shoes.



    shop local Ladner village build community

    Original photo: @countkarma

    Ladner has an exceptionally vibrant sense of community, this is in part due to the casual encounters that are enjoyed at neighbourhood businesses and public spaces. Many of Ladner's favourite community-building events and activities are put on by local small business merchants including the famous Ladner Village Markets and the always popular Quilt Walk and Car Show. Ladner Business leaders dedicate their time, effort, and business spaces to ensure the town maintains its community cohesiveness. Show your appreciation and ensure this welcoming atmosphere remains by shopping local.


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