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    30 Minute Hit
    December 08, 2016 Discover Ladner


    Owners of Ladner 30 Minute Hit
    30 Minute Hit in Ladner Village celebrates its first year anniversary under ownership of the dynamic sister-in-law team Erica Samonte and Tina Dinh. They join over 23 franchises across BC that offer women’s-only training, which is one of today’s fastest growing in health and fitness sectors. For over 10 years, The “Hit” has been leading the way with its innovative, calorie-burning workouts designed to accommodate women’s unique needs and busy schedules.Winning “April Owners of the Month” last year was a proud accomplishment for Samonte who doesn’t claim to have a fitness background but has always focused on her health. Discouraged by the many workouts she’d tried in the past but never stuck with, she decided to respond to a Facebook ad to come in for a trial workout a few years ago and hasn’t looked back.


    “The positive and supportive atmosphere was such a good fit with my personality,” she recalls. It wasn’t long before she set up an appointment to learn more about franchise opportunities and shared her business idea with her sister-in-law Tina. 


    So how does it work?


    “This workout is different. It’s about women empowering themselves and pushing their limits, learning new skills, having fun and building confidence,” explains Samonte.


    Designed for all fitness levels, the circuit is comprised of 13 stations where women exercise for 2 minute intervals. High-intensity techniques reflect those used in boxing, kickboxing, general self defense, and core stability training. On-site trainers help members with form and technique, while upbeat music keeps everyone motivated. 


    “Yoga might work for some people,” jokes Samonte, “but I admit it’s not for me. People who are “hitters” just get it.


    The concept of local co-founders Jackson and Deanna Loychuk was to provide flexible and reasonably-priced training options for women that incorporated boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts.


    “The benefits of 30 Minute Hit go beyond physical,” explains Samonte. “It’s about reducing stress, setting personal goals, and meeting challenges. Every part of your life improves.”



         Members are amazed to develop new skills they never thought possible and see huge positive changes that are carried into every part of their lives. Core muscle development is a key focus of the program, as is developing whole body strength, stamina, self-defence, focus and balance. 


    While many gyms intimidate members with complicated equipment and high pressure training programs, 30 Minute Hit gives women access to an easy-to-follow circuit and on-site trainers included in the fee. Regardless of fitness level or prior workout experience, women are welcomed, encouraged and motivated to give it a try. 


    Today, watching their members grow and support each other in a non-competitive environment is the management team’s biggest reward. Anyone interested is encouraged to register at their website for a free trial to work with a trainer and be introduced to the circuit. The South Delta location is proud to participate in the company’s annual Women’s Cancer Research as well as other volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


    Interested in contacting 30 Minute Hit South Delta? You can reach them through the information listed below!


    Address: #101-5000 Bridge Street Delta, BC V4K 2K4


    Phone: (778) 434-3140







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