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    Discover Ladner

    Ladner's Greatest Spots for Every Nature Lover
    July 05, 2016 Discover Ladner

    Sunset taken on the ladner dyke

                                                                 Photo courtesy of Kasandra Sproson Photography

    Nature Awaits You in Ladner BC

    Summertime is officially here and that means that it is time strap on those sneakers and get outside!  Just a short drive from downtown Vancouver, the community of Ladner is host to some of the most diverse wildlife and spectacular sights that will have you feeling at one with nature in no time. 

    Whether you’re an avid berry picker, a dedicated bird watcher, an amateur sunset photographer, or just simply love to spend your time outside, Ladner has something for every outdoor enthusiast.   So set aside some time in the next few months and immerse yourself in nature by taking a stroll in one of these fabulous locations.


    1.     Deas Island Regional Park
    6090 Deas Island Rd, Delta, BC

    Deas Island Regional Park Sunny Day

    Located just off the Fraser River, Deas Island Regional Park is a perfect place to spend your summertime with friends.  Host a picnic in the park, take a walk through the cottonwood trees, or enjoy a boat-ride and a swim in the Deas slough – there are many recreational activities to be enjoyed at this location.  The site is even home to three local heritage buildings. 

    In addition, there is an abundance of wildlife to be found amongst the tall trees and surrounding wetlands including eagles, chickadees, and even otters!  Want to soak up everything that the area has to offer? Walk or bike to the park via Ladner’s Millennium trail.  The nearby Captain’s Cove is host to some picturesque views and even more trails, including a look

    Deas Island Forest on a Sunny Day

    out tower, in the wetlands just off of Ferry Road. Kick-start your summer in the best way possible by spending a day as Deas!

    Regional park hours from May 31st – September 5th  are from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm from May 31st-Sept

    Photo via Instagram user elizcf18
    Photo via Instagram user evilsindee


    2.     George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary
    5191 Robertson Rd, Delta, BC

    Feeding a bird in your hand in Ladner BC If you are a dedicated bird watcher, chances are you have already made your way out to the Ladner’s famous bird sanctuary.  If not, than you are missing out on one of the most spectacular locations to view wildlife that British Columbia has to offer.  Journey over Canoe Pass via the historic Westham Island Truss Bridge and you will find yourself in Westham Island – the home of many Delta farms and the site of The George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

    While the sanctuary is an important site for the migration of birds, it also boasts multiple trails and an observation tower with a360- degree view for everyone to enjoy.  These marshlands are home to dozens of species of waterfowl and wildlife from ducks and geese to eagles and catfish. 


    Though there is a small entrance fee for adults ($5) and children/ seniors ($3), you can take pride knowing that your contribution aids this non-profit in their wildlife conservation efforts.  Pack your binoculars and plan your trip to the George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary today!



    For more information visit their website
    Photo via Instagram user ming_cubed
    Photo via Instagram user raybeutel
    Photo via Instagram user theresa_ratermann
    Photo via Instagram user confusioncircle




    3.     Ladner Harbour Park
    4095 McNeelys Way, Delta, BC

    Affectionately renamed “The Bunny Park” by locals due to the abundance of bunnies roaming the park grounds, Ladner Harbour Park is a terrific spot for a day spent outdoors.  With a labyrinth of bike trails, scenic views, and even a playground area for the kids, you will be glad you stumbled upon this area hidden amongst the trees and boats of Ladner’s harbour.

    Whether you are looking to enjoy a romantic nature walk or to host a large group BBQ, this park has it all.  The large fire-pit area and standalone grills, along with the many (often covered) picnic tables, make this the perfect spot for some al fresco dining.  

    Hungry but forgot to pack a lunch?  Simply wander through one of the trails and encounter the manyblackberry bushes that surround them! On top of it all, this spot has washrooms and a ton of parking.  Pack your picnic basket; Ladner Harbour Park awaits you!

    Photo via Instagram user pacificnorthwestkate
    Photo via Instagram user mrsfarmerdig



    4.     Wellington Point
    3653 River Road West, Delta, BC

    If you have ever flipped through a portfolio of one of the many talented photographers located in Ladner, than you no doubt have seen a sunset shot taken at Wellington Point.  Located on the south arm of the Fraser River, this spot is one of the greatest places in Ladner to soak in the sun and enjoy the view. 

    While you can take in the view from the comfort of your own car, why not walk along the pier or pull up a seat at one of the picnic tables and enjoy a meal?  Don’t be surprised if you see any boats, canoes, or kayaks during your visit.  Wellington point has a boat launch and is a popular destination point for many of those paddling on the water.  Head down to Wellington point, capture the golden hour on your camera and hashtag #discoverladner.  We want to see those sunsets!

    Photo via facebook user  Reinhard Beutel 
    Photo via facebook user Heather Lacey Foster 

    5.     North 40 Dog Park
    Churchill and 72nd Street, Delta, BC


    Though there is a ton of wildlife to be spotted at the North 40 Dog Park, many of the creatures you may encounter at this spot will be of the domesticated variety as thisis one of Delta’s most popular off-leash dog parks.  The incredibly vast area coupled with various trails and abandoned roads, allow you to walk your canine friend freely and at the pace of your choosing.  Located North of the Boundary Bay airport at the site of the former Canadian Forces Station, this park is a sanctuary for dog owners and the pets they love.

    Although you may think that this place may only be of interest for Dog owners, it is truly a spot for everyone to enjoy!  Like the many other wooded or marshy areas within Ladner, look to the sky and you are likely to spot eagles, hawks, and many other birds.  Owls as well as Ladner’s unofficial mascot, the heron, are more likely to

    be found hiding amongst the trees and the grass along the wooded trails.  Be sure to bring a bucket, as there seems to be an unlimited amount of blackberries for the taking.  If the question is “where in Ladner can I enjoy the outdoors with my best furry friend?”, than North 40 Dog Park is the answer.

    Don’t just take our word for it, check out all the testimonials and pictures of all the happy pups on the North Forty Dog Park Facebook page 

    Photo via Facebook user Matt Van Beek
    Photo via Facebook user Michael Woods


    6.     The Dykes

    While the main purpose of an embankment is to prevent flooding, the dykes that partially surround Ladner also function as some of the best walking trails in town!  If you’re a fan of Vancouver’s seawall but are looking for a less crowded spot, the dykes are the place for you.

    On the West side of Ladner and at the very end of River Road, nature seekers will encounter the beginning of one of the well-known Delta dykes.  This gravel pathway will take walking enthusiasts along the Fraser River, past Brunswick Point, and all the way to the Roberts Bank area.  This portion of the Dyke stretches all the way from Ladner to Tsawwassen and is approximately 4km in length. 

    Travel to the East side of Ladner, and you can access the Boundary Bay area portion of the dyke at the end of either 72nd or 64th avenue. This portion of the dyke is a favourite for cyclists as it stretches all the way from Beach Grove, through Ladner, and over to Mud Bay in South Surrey. 

    The dykes in Ladner, like the many other areas on this list, boast incredible river views, outstanding wildlife, and truly stunning sunsets.  But what truly sets the dykes apart from other trails that you may find within the lower mainland is that they separate the areas of water from the farmlands that are so characteristically Ladner.  Ask someone who has lived in Ladner their entire life, and they are likely to agree, the Ladner dykes are the hidden gems on the edge of the farmlands.

    Photo via instagram user nanet103
    hoto via instagram user otisthedirtydoodle
    Photo via instagram user somethinggoodmagazine



    With so many wonderful areas in Ladner, nature seekers are sure to find their favourite summer go-to spot.  In addition to these wonderful places to visit, are the many local businesses in Ladner that are not to be missed.  From restaurants and cafes to clothing stores and gift shops, complete a day spent in Ladner by visiting the local merchants!

    See what other businesses in Ladner are up to and check out:
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