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    The Dancing Pig
    May 24, 2016 Sean

    Dancing Pig Smokehouse Ladner BC The Dancing Pig

    The Dancing Pig
    4866 Delta Street, Ladner, BC
    604 946 1300

    The Dancing Pig is one of the newest restaurants in Ladner. At just over a year old, this Smokehouse Cantina brings the south style slow cooking north of the 49. With an atmosphere that screams industrial chic meets smokehouse, it is one of a kind! The first thing you will notice upon walking into the Dancing Pig is the smell. That intoxicating aroma is the in-house smoker that runs for at-least 8 hours a day, filling the restaurant with the delicious smell of hickory smoked meat.

    As you sit down at your table you may notice a black canvas in front of you, make sure you get some chalk because, yup, you guessed it, you can draw on the tables. This is perfect for entertaining the younger (or young minded) members of your party. As the server comes around to take your drink order make sure you check out one of their amazing cocktails! Owner/operator Andrea Frustaci has done an amazing job putting together a list of fresh signature cocktails – with the Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita being a local favourite. If cocktails are not really your forte, no worries, the Dancing Pig has the best selection of local craft beer in town! With 8 rotating taps that are constantly being filled with new and delicious locally and internationally sourced craft beer, there will always be something to tickle your fancy. Too many great beers to choose from? They have an answer for that as well. Try a flight of four 5oz. beers to get a taste for your favourite kind of beer!

    Okay, so now you have your drinks and you're happy but hey, might as well order a little food – this is a restaurant after all! Take a look down at

    Dancing Pig Signature Caesar

    the menu and what will you see? You will see meat, and lots of it. Despite this being a meat-lovers menu, there are many vegetarian options available including some amazing salads (Taco salad & spinach salad are local favourites). Add some of the Dancing Pig’s signature soy crumble for that extra protein kick. This delicious meat substitute will have even the most dedicated meat-eaters saying “Mmm!"

    So you are not a vegetarian and you want some meat! What kind of options do they offer? Well the Dancing Pigs smoked offerings include St. Louis & Baby Back Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, 1/2 Chickens, and even smoked hard-boiled eggs! That’s right, even the hard-boiled eggs are smoked in this place. Choose from 5 different BBQ sauces for your ribs, and BBQ beans, mashed potatoes, or fries to go with your fresh kale slaw and home-style cornbread muffin. Want to try a little of everything? Why not get the Dancing Pig Feast. A voluminous platter of meat that has even the hungriest groups throwing in the towel.

    Not in the mood for some smoked meat? No problem. Make sure you try their chicken burgers and chicken strips! Fresh, never frozen, free range organic chicken breast basted in buttermilk and tossed in a secret blend of spices fresh for each order! These are definitely a winner. The chicken burger comes with a cranberry mayonnaise on a buttery brioche bun served with home chipped kennebec potato fries. It is the ultimate chicken burger. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

    Overall, Brent Fahl, Executive Chef & Co-Owner, has done a really fantastic job with the menu. They have options for everyone, the little things are done well, and the big things are done very well. Within the past year, this restaurant has managed to work out the kinks and cultivate a truly impressive menu, solidifying its reputation as one of Ladner’s best spots to eat. Grab a seat at lunch and you will most likely hear people talking about how amazing their meal was or see them going up and thanking the cooks (one perk of the open kitchen design). I would strongly urge any and all people reading this to go out and check out The Dancing Pig, your stomach’s can thank me later!

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    Next time you are in The Dancing Pig make sure to say Hi to one of these fine gentleman. Executive Chef Brent Fahl (left) and General Manager Andre Frustaci (right).

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