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    Top 4 Reasons You Should Visit the Ladner Village Market
    September 26, 2016 Discover Ladner

    Ladner Village Market logo

    Summer is in full swing and that means that people from all over have been flocking to the Historic Ladner Village to attend the oh-so popular Ladner Village Market!

    The Ladner Village Market is a first-class market that brings together “make it, bake it, grow it” vendors, community organizations, and 48th Avenue merchants to create a community enhancing event in Ladner Village. The Ladner Village Market strives to offer the community access to farm fresh produce and meats, artisan foods, and unique, handcrafted products in a forum that brings together the community in a festive atmosphere.

    Ladner Village Market streets

    Photo: Rick Chung

    As 2016 marks the 20th season for the market, it has truly become regarded as one of the best, and biggest, open-air markets that Western Canada has to offer.  Located just 20 minutes south of Vancouver, this gathering place for friends and family has become a destination outing for visitors from throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond. 

    While locals and market-goers from all over will advise you to add the Ladner market to your summer bucket list, we have compiled a list of our top 4 reasons why you absolutely should make the market a summer tradition for years to come.


    1.     Variety

    One of the best parts about the market is no doubt the overwhelming variety of products, vendors, entertainment, and items that are available for purchase.  Spread over three blocks on 48th Avenue from Delta Street to Elliot Street, the market has over 140 vendor spaces on each market Sunday that are filled by the 225+ vendors that sign up each year. 

    There are eight different categories of vendors that participate in each market day.  The categories include:

    1. Gourmet Food

    Ladner Village Market bread

    2. Fresh Produce

    Ladner Village Market produce

    3. Home Products

    Ladner Village Market Home products Plates

    4. Eateries

    Ladner Village Market Gourmet Food

    photo: Hello BC Blog 

    5. Garden

    Ladner Village Market plants flowers

    6. Art

    art ladner village market

    7. Jewelry

    8. Unique Creations

    Ladner Village Market Unique Creations

    While many vendors return year after year, there are always vendors that are new to the Ladner Village Market so there is always something new to see.  In addition to the fabulous vendors that participate in the market each year, the surrounding local businesses and 48th avenue merchants are open for business.  With so much to do see, and taste at this market, there is truly something for everyone!


    2.     Locally Made

    Ladner Village Market soaps locally made

    Stroll through the market and see something that catches your eye?  At the Ladner Village Market you are afforded the rare opportunity to be able to speak directly to the people who have created the products themselves.  Beyond being made locally, many of the items are one-of-a-kind and you will be given the background behind their process of creation. 

    This level of interaction is not limited to the art and jewelry vendors, with each market Sunday more and more of Ladner’s local farmers come on board as their product become available.  Check off that grocery list as you learn exactly how your food was cultivated and grown.  It’s an experience no supermarket can beat!

    Ladner Village Market food

    In addition, market-goers can feel better knowing that they are supporting their community by shopping local.  When a buyer spends a dollar locally, 46 cents makes its way back into the economy compared to only 16 cents when that dollar is spent at a local branch of a multinational company.  It also means that the consumer is helping a business owner provide for their family as opposed to helping a CEO buy their 2nd vacation home. 

    With such a large increase in big international retailers, shopping local has become more important than ever.  Luckily for us all, the Ladner Village Market is a spectacular spot for members of the community and beyond to come together and show their support for shopping local


       3.    Staff and Vendors


    Ladner Village market staff vendors

    One of the first things many people notice when they venture to one of Ladner’s famous market Sundays is how warm and welcoming all of the staff and vendors are.  Ladner is such a charming and quaint community with a lot of character and this is certainly reflected in the people that ensure it is an event worth returning to.

    As mentioned before, with an emphasis on “Make it, Bake it, Grow it” the Ladner Village Market allows you to meet the individuals who create their products and sample their delicious creations.  Vendors are more than willing to answer questions and allow customers to truly understand and enjoy every aspect of the one-of-a-kind pieces that are available. 

    Ladner Village Market Backroads

    Photo: Backroads Market 

    The vendors that participate in the Ladner Village Market are held to the highest standards to ensure their products are exceptional for every market customer.  We are fortunate that many of the vendors have been returning year after year and have truly grown from new businesses just starting out into commercial business on the brink of the next level. 

    Make your way to Ladner’s Historic Village and you will be more than impressed by the positive and welcoming atmosphere that each vendor and member of staff strives to create.


    4.     Experience

    Ladner Village Market busy street

    Overall, what makes the market the perfect way to spend a Sunday is the complete experience that you get from a day in Ladner’s Historic Village.  Every sense will be stimulated as you walk down 48th avenue.  You can expect to be enticed by the smell of fresh food, the sights of all the friendly market-goers, and the sounds of the live performances from the local bands and talented buskers.

    Your stomachs will thank you after tasting all the delicious food that is available at the many food trucks on site.  Care to explore the town a bit more? Take a seat at one of Ladner’s nearby restaurants or cafes and learn why they are absolute favorites among locals. 

    Ladner Village Market Music Optimist

    photo: Delta Optimist 

    On a market Sunday, the town is always buzzing.  With so much energy and excitement you will not be surprised when you experience the strong sense of vibrant community at the Ladner Village Market.  This market connects Ladner’s superb local businesses with community members and out-of-towners while bringing together families and friends in an entertaining and friendly atmosphere.  While there are always lots of people that visit the market, the small-town quality that makes Ladner such a special community still remains. 

    Ladner Village Market fun

    Photo: Lisa Nakumara

    Ultimately, the Ladner Village market gives everyone an opportunity to come together and experience all that Ladner Village has to offer, and it has A LOT to offer.  Complete your grocery shopping for the week, pick up a gift, and leave with a full stomach – the market has it all.


    2016 is the Ladner Village Market's 20th season.  It is held on 48th avenue and business hours are 10am-4pm rain or shine. This year's market takes place on:

    June 12/26

    July 10/24

    August 14/28

    September 11

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    Did you know that $0.46 from every dollar spent locally ends up back in the local economy? That is compared to only $0.16 from the big national retailers. Please join us in shopping Local and supporting local business.

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