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    Discover Ladner

    Vinca's Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years
    July 30, 2018 Discover Ladner

    Coming up this week Vinca’s Kitchen in the Ladner Village is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary!


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    The Discover Ladner team wanted to learn a little more about Vinca’s Kitchen and how
    it has been so successful over the years. We chatted with the owner of Vinca’s Kitchen,
    Alviene to get a better understanding of her success and the business.
    Q) How does it feel to be celebrating your 10th anniversary?
    A) I always knew that I was in this for a very long time but 10 years does not feel
    that long at all because I have so much more to do here and wonderful plans to
    continue to grow. It feels great!
    Q) How did you end up in the kitchenware business?
    A) It was more like it found me. I was working at Cobblestone Cottage at the time
    when the owner wanted to retire. It seemed a perfect fit, since I had always
    wanted to run my own business and already had great product knowledge.
    Q) When you took over Cobblestone Cottage- where did you envision your business
    going? Has that vision changed over time?
    A) Exactly where it is. I knew it would grow by offering the community what was
    lacking. Of course the journey itself might be a little different than what one
    imagines but the destination is the same. You make changes along the way to
    adapt to new trends and customer’s needs.
    Q) How has Vinca’s Kitchen grown/ evolved over the last 10 years?
    A) We have tripled our inventory bringing in quality products. In doing so, we can
    offer more than one price point for most products to make sure everyone can
    shop here. In order to accomodate our inventory increase and customer base,
    we have increased staffing by 5 employees as well. All of our employees except
    one live locally. We also mentor 2 young high school students by offering flexible
    shifts and showing examples of great work ethics. We also give back to the
    community by donating to most local fundraisers and give a scholarship to a
    Delta Secondary School student that is continuing their studies in the culinary
    Q) Where do you see Vinca’s Kitchen moving forward? Any plans to expand the
    A) There is always room for more! I stay open minded and give every opportunity at
    least a thought before making a decision. Yes there are plans in the big picture
    for some changes and we are carefully steering towards them.
    Q) Is there any other info you’d like to share that your customers might not know about
    your business?
    A) I am extremely pleased with how far we have come and there is not a time that I
    forget that this is because of the tremendous support of the people in this
    Thank you Alviene for your time & congratulations to everyone at Vinca’s Kitchen for 10
    amazing years!