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    This is your channel for news around Ladner! Please see our links below to different news letters and updates.

    JULY 2018
    Cafe Operator Needed - McKee Seniors Activity Centre

    OCTOBER 2017
    Skills Link Employment Program for youth Aged 19 -30 next intake date

    SEPTEMBER 2017

    Film Notification: The Crossing September 21-23

    Film Notification: Supernatural September 20-22

    Film Notification: The Arrangement, September 12

    Film Notification: The Arrangement, September 11-13

    Film Notification: X-Files

    Film Notification: X-Files, Sept. 4-9

    Film Notification: The Crossing, Sept. 5-8

    Film Notification: The Crossing, Sept. 5-7

    Film Notification: Legends of Tomorrow, Sept. 5-9


    AUGUST 2017       

                    Film Notification: The Exorcist                                                  

     Film Notification: The Crossing

                    Film Notification: Legends of Tomorrow - August 29-31

    Film Notification: Arrow, August 24-26

    Film Notification: Ice, Aug 16   

    Film Notification: Richard Says Goodbye, Aug 12

    Film Notification: Arrow, Aug 14-18

    Film Notification: The Good Doctor, Aug 11 

    Deltaport truck staging facility construction –starting August 21, 2017

    Deltaport truck staging facility site map

    ERROR: Film Notification: Beyond

    Film Notification: Miss Christmas 

                Film Notification: Miss Christmas July 31- August 5 


                    JULY 2017  

    Film Notification: The Exorcist 


                Film Notification: Toyota Commercial

                Film Notification: Six, July 28

               Film Notification: Fortis BC Commercial

    Film Notification: SIX, July 26-29 

                Film Notificaiton: Man in the High Castle

                Film Notification: Peared With a Kiss, July 26

             Film Notification: Supernatural, July 26

    Fil      Film Notification: Supernatural, N40, July 27-31

    Urban   Sturgeon Week at the Port of Vancouver Delta Community Office

    Film Notification - The Flash - July 9-10

    Film Notification - Overboard - July 5-11

    Alternate Parking - Tour de Delta July 8

    Tour de Delta - Road Closures  July 8

    Tour de Delta July 7-9 Poster

    June 2017

    Film Notification: Beyond, June 13

    Film Notification: Hit the Road, June 19-23

    Film Notification: Sculptor, June 15-17

    North Delta Family Day Parade 2017

    Fraser River Maintenance Dredging Event

    Film Notification, June 2-3 - Boundary Bay Airport

    May 2017

    Early Years Instrument - Delta Kids 

    Business Brief - Delta Kids

    Film Notification: Beyond, May 1-5

    Film Notification: Maybe Tomorrow, May 18

    Film Notification: May 8-10

    Film Notification: Tyson's Meat, May 6

    Tour de Duck 2017

    Film Notification: Beyond, May 1 & 5

    May 3 - Blood Donor Clinic


    April 2017

    Film Notification: April 17-20

    Film Notification: Arrow, April 4-7

    RE: Film Notification: Good Doctor, Apr 4

    Film Notification: Good Doctor, Apr 3

    March 2017

    Film Notification: The Crossing, March 29

    Film Notification: The Fixer, March 18

    Film Notification: The Crossing, March 28-29

    Film Notification: Supergirl, March 9-10

    Film Notification: Girlfriends Guide to Divorce March 15-17

    Film Notification: 12 Days

    Film Notification: Supernatural March 7-9

    Film Notification: Supernatural Ladner Harbour Park

    Filming of "12 Days" in Ladner Village

    Spring Break VIP Camp


    February 2017

    Film Notification: HGTV Commercial

    Film Notification: Van Helsing, N40, Feb 17-21

    Film Notification: LoT Feb 2-8

    January 2017

    Delta Business in Top 5 - Small Business BC Awards

    Film Notification: OUAT, N40, Jan 26-30

    Independent shops counteract Tsawwassen Mills mega-mall with 'buy local' campaign

    Desire to shop local remains strong

    Film Notification: Supergirl, Boundary Bay Airport, Jan 23

    Film Notification: Supernatural, Ladner Harbour Park

    Film Notification: Timeless, N40, Jan 13-17

    Film Notification: Northwell Health Commercial

    December 2016

    Holdiay Gift Wrapping Event - Saturday, Dec 17 and Wed Dec 21

    Ladner Holly Jolly Sunday Shopping - December 18th

    Christmas Bird Count for Kids - Dec. 10

    Film Notification: Public Service Announcement, Dec 14

    Film Notification: Loudermilk Dec. 7

     2016 Delta Winter Holiday Events & Activities 


    November 2016

    Film Notification: Supernatural, Nov 23 - Dec 2

    Film Notification: Legends of Tomorrow, Nov 17 - Dec 2

    Small Business BC Awards

    Film Notification: Sutter Health Commercial

    Press Release: DeltaKids Community Forum, December 1st

    Film Notification: Migrant Worker short video

    Film Notification: SSD, Nov 9

    Film Notification: Loudermilk, Nov 7/29/30

    Film Notification: The 100, Nov 8


    October 2016

    Film Notification: Lucifer, Oct 20-27

    Film Notification: Supernatural, Oct 17

    Film Notification: Vancouver Film School, Oct. 21-24

    Film Notification: Open Doors Commercial, Oct. 7

    Film Notification: The Deep, Oct. 7

    Film Notification: iZombie, N40, Oct. 4-11

    Film Notification: Shirt, Oct 13

    Highway Use Permit 7633 Advisory

    Updated: Film Notification: Arrow, Oct

    Film Notification: Arrow, Oct 3-7

    Film Notification: iZombie, Oct 7

    Film Notification: iZombie, Oct 3

    Film Notification: Love It or List It,  Oct - Nov

    September 2016

    Film Notification: Port of Vancouver Commercial, Sept. 30

    Film Notification: The Flash, Sept 28

    Let's Light Up Ladner Village

    Film Notification: Disney Commercial, Sept 23-24

    Film Notification: Timeless, Sept 22

    Film Notification: The Magicians, Sept 22-23

    Film Notification: SC Johnson, Sept. 21-22

    Film Notification: Ice, Sept 16

    Film Notification: Legends of Tomorrow, Sept 15-21

    Film Notification: 3360 River Rd W, September 15-22

    Delta Street Update Sep 10 - Sep 17, 2016

    Ladner Village Celebration September 17th

    Terry Fox Run - September 18 2016

    Luminary Festival on Saturday, September 10

    Delta Street Update Sep 03 - Sep 09, 2016

    August 2016

    Delta Street Update Aug 27 - Sept 2, 2016

    Film Notification: Macy's, Cannery Crescent, Aug 27

    Film Notification: Legends of Tomorrow, N40/88 St, Aug. 24

    Delta Street Update Aug 20-26, 2016

    Film Notification: Opus, N40, Aug 22-24

    Film Notification: Hershey Commercial, Aug 17

    Event - Starry Night - Saturday, August 20, 2016

    Film Notification: A Series of Unfortunate Events, N40, Aug 19

    Delta Street Update August 13-19

    Film Notification August 12 - iZombie

    Film Notification August 12

    Delta Street Update August 6-12

    Delta Street Update July 30-August 5

    Film Notification North 40 July 28-August 3

    Film Notification 3760  72nd August 3-4

    Film Notification August 2-6

    Film Notification August 3

    Film Notification August 2

    July 2016

    Delta Street Update - July 21

    Film Notification July 25-27

    Event Release - Boundary Bay Airshow July 23, 2016

    Film Notification July 21

    Film Notification N40 July 11-25

    Business Watch Newsletter - July 2016

    Film Notification July 14-15

    Film Notification July 9

    Tour de Delta Traffic Disruption Notice

    June 2016

    Film Notification June 28-29

    Update from Delta Safe Haven - June 25, 2016

    Film Notification June 27-28

    Film Notification June 25-26

    Film Notification Lucifer June 21-23 Erin Way

    Film Notification 2194 Westham Island Rd. June 15-18

    Film Notification 3631 34th St. June 16th

    Film Notification N40 June 15th

    Film Notification June 10th 9365 River Road & June 21-23 3550 Westham Island

    Film Notification N40 June 2-10

    Film Notification Westham Island Bridge June 8-10

    May 2016

    Film Notification Municipal Hall May 25-27

    Film Notification Boundary Bay Airport May 12-13

    April 2016

    LBA Administrator Job Posting - Closing Date April 22nd

    Film Notification Captain Morgans

    Film Notification Impastor

    Film Notification April 1-8

    Film Notification Boundary Bay

    March 2016

    Frequency Filming March 28-30

    Film Notification March 21

    Filming Notification March 22

    Filming Notification March 20-27


    Tsawwassen Mills Update March 2016

    Film Notification March 3, 2016

    Film Notification March 1, 2016

    Delta Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting March 16, 2016


    February 2016

    Delta Safe Haven Update - Feb 15, 2016

    Film Notification - Feb 12, 2016

     Film Notification - Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2016


    August 2015

    Summer Schedule - Only the executive will meet in August, regular general meetings will begin again on Thursday September 10th, 8-9am at the RC Legion br. 61

    Film Notification - August 31, 2015

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, August 2015

    Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Manual

    Golf for Guide Dogs

    July 2015

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, July 2015

    Delta Museum Connecting Art and History Exhibit

    June 2015

    Film Notification for July 3

    April 2015

    West Coast Seeds Annual Tomato Seedling Sale

    Delta Museum and Archives Press Release

    Filming in the Village April 26th

    26 Weeks to Emergency Preparedness

    Change of filming dates in the village due to weather

    March 2015

    Film Notification for Ladner Village

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter

    Tsawwassen Springs Business Ladie's Golf Club is looking for new members!

    Delta Museum and Archives Media Release

    February 2015

    Business Watch Newsletter Feb. 2015

    Film Notification for Feb. 17 - 19th.

    Film Notifications for Feb. 14th and Feb. 15th.

    Delta Museum Press Release.

    Please see the following film notification for Feb. 4th.

    Please see the following film notification for Feb. 2-7.

    Please see the following film notification.

    January 2015

    Please see the following film notification.

    LBA Members are invited to join Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux for breakfast and a conversation about overcoming personal and political barriers. See the invite here.

    FVRL presents Screens Off Delta! See more info at the following two links: Press Release, Poster

    Protect your identity while supporting Delta Gymnastics in this upcoming Shred-a-thon!

    HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant is offering a January deal to all of our LBA members! See details here.

    December 2014

    Business Watch Newsletter, December 2014

    Notification of Filming

    November 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, November 2014

    Delta Law Office invites our members to their Annual Christmas Party! View the invite.

    Ladner Pioneer Library Photography Exhibit

    Long time professional photographer Tyler Garnham and  Rick Pelletier, teacher and photographer are pleased to invite you to a one night only “Pop-Up” exhibition called The 25th Parallel.
    The exhibition starts at 7 p.m. November 20th, at The Harris Barn 4140 Arthur Drive Ladner B.C.
    This is an opportunity for us to show about 50 images from Africa, the Canadian north and the prairies.
    The net proceeds from bar sales will directly benefit the Delta Hospital Foundation.
    The event is sponsored by the Delta Law Office, Red Racer Brewery, and Canadian River Expeditions.
    Please RSVP to
    For more info please contact:
    Tel. 604 946-7742

    October 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, October 2014

    September 2014

    The Delta Chamber of Commerce is hosting a TFN Development Update with a unique half day of networking and learning. See more information at the following link

    Looking for something to keep your kids entertained in the next few weeks? Check out the Delta Museum's programs here.

    Laura Thomas has invited all members to her launch party for The Naked Storyteller.

    Heddy Bing who presented to us on Sept. 4 2014 would like to offer a special on her consultation to all of our members! See more info here.

    August 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, August 2014

    Port Metro Vancouver is in the process of recruiting four new community members to join the Port Community Liaison Committee which meets four to six times every year. Community Liaison Committee ad.pdf

    July 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, July 2014

    June 2014

    Crime Bulletin, June 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, June 2014

    May 2014

    Check out the following information sent to us by the Community Police regarding Elder Abuse and Fraud: Elder Abuse Facts, Elder Abuse and Fraud, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, May 2014

    Kiwanis is looking for new members in order to keep the service club in existence. Please check out their BBQ where you can meet existing member and learn more about their club.

    April 2014

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, April 2014

    March 2014

    One of our members, Mike Owen, forwarded this petition against new recycling regulations for businesses

    Business Watch Monthly Newsletter, March 2014

    Stay posted for more info to come.